Camping With Hammocks

Going Camping With Hammocks

Camping Areas

Camping Areas

A lot of people enjoy the leisure activity camping. It’s a great activity if you love being with nature, hunting, fishing or just sitting under the stars. While it has a lot of offer the camper, there are certain aspects of camping that can be uncomfortable. No one likes sleeping in those tight sleeping bags. Especially since they offer very little protection from the cold, hard ground.

Yes, you could blow up and air mattress. But what if one of those things pops? Plus they’re a far cry from a traditional mattress. There’s very little back support. They sink in the second someone lays on one. Instead of going with these traditional options that make camping boring, try using a hammock instead.

Hammocks Don’t Have To Hang From A Tree

A lot of people are weary about using a hammock because they believe they’ll have to find two trees that are close enough to support one. While hammocks used to only work this way, a lot of the newer ones come with stands. So you can place them anywhere. Trees block your view of the stars, which makes hammocks with stands a real improvement.

The Only Thing You’ll Need To Support A Hammock

Hammocks can be supported if you have a flat surface. That’s all you’ll need to find when you want to set one up. The rest of what you need to support a hammock will come with your purchase. A lot of heavy duty camping hammocks are also very easy to set up. They come with clear instructions that are often printed in multiple languages.

Get Rid Of The Tent

Tents make camping boring. Sometimes they are needed when the weather is less than fair. But this can also be dealt with by buying a large, free standing umbrella to put over your hammock. It can be relaxing to watch the rain glide off the umbrella as you drift off to sleep. It’s never relaxing to hear thumping sounds on your tent while it shakes in the storm.

Adjustable Hammocks

What if you’re not tall, or physically capable, enough to get on your hammock? Some of the nicer ones are adjustable in height. The hammocks that aren’t adjustable also come in different heights, so you can find the one that’s perfect for your anatomy and physical capability.

Swing While You Sleep

There’s nothing soothing about a sleeping bag. The gentle swinging motion a hammock makes, or can be forced to make if you rock it, is relaxing enough to get anyone to drift off. This swinging motion’s even more relaxing if you play a little music. It will almost seem like your hammock’s dancing to it.

Hammocks Are Light And Sometimes Foldable

You don’t need a truck to move your hammock around in the forest. Some are foldable so that they can be taken anywhere with a simple backpack. This makes them perfect for the minimalist camper. They’re also light enough to not break your back. Even the ones with stands are made of a light, portable metal with the backpack-camper in mind.

They Can Support Pillows And A Blanket

Don’t think you’ll have to sleep without any covering. Your hammocks will be strong enough to support your bedspread if you wish to take it. It can also handle any amount of pillows you’ll need to keep your head comfortable. Hey, if you like sleeping with your laptop on your chest, your hammock will be able to handle that too.

Hammocks Are Cheap

A lot of hammocks can be purchased for under $40. If you’re interested in purchasing a hammock that has stands, you’ll only need to invest $20 more. So really, you won’t be spending anymore than you would spend if you were to purchase a sleeping bag or air mattress. And you won’t necessary need the tent to go along with it.

Isn’t It Time You Spiced Up Your Camping Trip?

Why settle for the traditional when you can have a unique camping trip for the same price or cheaper? All it takes is a simple order of a hammock, and you’ll be comfortably sleeping under the stars. It’s the best way to add a little something more to your adventure. It’s the cheapest way too.